Become a Better, Stronger You

Become a Better, Stronger You

Become a Better, Stronger YouBecome a Better, Stronger YouBecome a Better, Stronger You

Building Better Futures 

Dynamic Speaker | Personal & Professional Development Mentor | Life Improvement Expert

About Divine Strategies

Our Values

  • Integrity – We promote integrity, honesty and openness in all we do.
  • Diversity – We foster inclusivity and diversity in the work we do and the services we provide.
  • Creativity – We encourage creativity and innovation to meet the challenges of our business.
  • Collaboration – We nurture an environment of collaboration.
  • Courage – We strive to tackle difficult subjects with humility and compassion with a goal to improve and enrich lives. 

Our Mission

Divine Strategies for Living has a mission to deliver educational services with integrity aimed at changing lives and building better futures; helping people be better versions of themselves and improving corporations to enable organizational improvement and greater profits. 

Our Services

  • Personal and Corporate Leadership
  • Personal and Corporate Strategic Planning
  • Staff Development
  • Executive Coaching



Encouragement is the word I think of after listening to Ola speak. Ola encourages me to face these challenges head-on, break them down into obtainable goals, and surpass them. As a young female who is still trying to find my way in this large world, Ola reminds me that I am in control of change. Like she says 'if you change nothing, nothing changes.

— Alex Reiser 


Ola is mindful, well organized and engaging. She is intentional about giving you practical tools to achieve optimum personal and professional success!
— La Tausha Wade


I have attended 3 sessions hosted by Divine Strategies for Living. I found every session informative and interactive. The strategies were practicable. Ola puts in great effort to ensure everyone leaves with something beneficial for their lives. 

— Buki Oisaghie 


Inspirational storytelling from personal experience and real-life situations combined with straightforward advice. Ola doesn't fool around. She's direct and succinct and she's there to help audiences identify where they can find purpose in their lives, create goals, and overcome the obstacles that get in the way. Yes, this is serious stuff but that doesn't mean it's boring...Ola's workshops are engaging and filled with humor! 

— Gemma Reiser 

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Ola's seminar on forgiveness and not looking back was awesome. The seminar was engaging and informative. Ever since attending the seminar, I began my journey on forgiveness and not looking back on past hurts.

I would definitely attend another one of Ola's seminars.

— Cindy Newman 


Smart, well-read, and passionate about her topics is how I would describe Ola Popoola. Ola imparts the wisdom she has gleaned from both her life experiences and studies on each and every one of her workshop attendees. Ola wants each person to identify their dreams and use the tools she provides to unbridle themselves to make them a reality.

 — Heidi Benenson