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Personal Leadership

Using self-awareness, discipline and consistency to win at life.

It's Time to Win

Personal leadership is the key to success. Develop self-awareness, discipline and consistency to help you win at life.

Growing in Purpose

When you discover you why, you move quickly toward your mission.

Find Your Purpose

A personal growth plan allows you to grow based on exactly what is important to you. Find your 'why' - your purpose.

Strategic Planning

This workshop is geared towards building a developing a personal strategic plan.

Practice Strategic Planning

Developing a personal strategic plan is the key to success. When you fail to plan, you are inadvertently planning to fail. 

Mastering Your Life

Master your life so you can have the kind of life you want,

Be Your Own Expert

Someone else can win with the exact same circumstances that you are in. Learn how to make the most of what you have.

Path to Leadership

Finding the pathway to leading your personal life effectively.

The Gift of Personal leadership

 Effectively leading your personal life allows you to achieve success and gives you the credibility and influence to lead others.

Woman to Woman


How to become a woman of great influence.

Become a Woman of Impact

Become a woman of great influence by developing yourself physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Feelings & Emotions

Seminar flyer on thoughts, feelings and emotions class.

Connecting with Your Feelings

Our minds are constantly being bombarded with nagging thoughts, doubts and fears. How do we work with our feelings so we don't jeopardize the future?

Fearlessly Living

Flyer for living life fearlessly seminar.

False Evidence Appearing Real

Is fear real or just an imagination of the mind? Fear is a very interesting concept. It has the power to keep us safe but it can also hinder our growth.

Healing Past Hurts


What's Your Story?

Despite many disappointments, betrayals, pain and tragedies we may have experienced, our lives still have the power to tell great stories.